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For more than two decades, the founders of Beacon have been a trusted resource for families looking for a more secure financial future. Beacon helps life insurance policyholders who are terminally or chronically ill realize cash settlements on those policies.

Millions of Americans purchase life insurance to provide a measure of protection for family members after their passing. However, unexpected events such as serious illness, loss of income or exorbitant medical expenses often make it difficult to maintain these policies. Every year thousands of life insurance policies are lost due to unpaid premiums during times of financial struggle. Few policyholders realize they can claim this precious equity when they need it most with a Viatical Settlement.

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Life Insurance Policies that Resulted in a Death Benefit

Viatical Settlements help terminally or chronically ill patients reclaim equity to relieve financial burdens, pursue alternative therapies or create the memories loved ones will cherish long after their passing. Learn More…

Life Settlements provide insurance policyholders 75+ an alternative when making payments on a policy, but it is no longer appropriate or affordable. Rather than forfeiting the policy or surrendering, the policy is reclaimed in a lump sum payment. Learn More…