Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees, physical examinations or obligations?

There are no application fees, invasive interviews or physical examinations. You are under no obligation to complete the process.

How is my settlement offer amount determined?

Offers are based on a number of factors, including life expectancy, premium obligations and prevailing interest rates.

Should I sell my life insurance or borrow against it?
In certain situations, a loan may make more sense than a straight settlement. Generally, this is applicable with larger policy face amounts, smaller immediate cash needs and the desire to preserve the death benefit. Contact Beacon Life Funds today at 855-542-4522 to speak with one of our counselors or fill out our online application.
Should I work directly with the buyer?

We strongly recommend working with a licensed broker rather than directly with the potential buyer. As a broker, we will provide you with several offers from which to choose, as opposed to only one if working directly with the buyers. This ensures you are getting the most for your policy. We work strictly on an industry-set percentage fee basis and there are NO other fees or costs.

Is the Cash Surrender value of my policy worth more than a Viatical/Life settlement?
A recent study of more than 9,000 life insurance policies revealed that people who sold their life insurance policies received, on average, more than four times the amount they would have received had they surrendered them to their life insurance companies.