Viatical Settlements

A Viatical Settlement can be a helpful financial alternative for life insurance policyholders who are terminally or chronically ill. These settlements allow patients to pay medical bills or pursue alternative medical treatments, spend time creating memories with loved ones or relieve their family of financial hardship.

“Making the decision to sell my life insurance policy lessened the feelings of hopelessness. I put myself in charge again; it was like that first step toward independence.”
– Barbara Hughes

The sale of a life insurance policy in a Viatical Settlement can be a unique opportunity to restore a sense of control and provide an opportunity to focus on what matters most. Settlement amounts are based on a number of factors including life expectancy, premium obligations and prevailing interest rates. There are no application fees, invasive interviews or physical examinations and funds are available within three (3) business days of process completion.

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A Viatical Settlement is a specialized financial transaction that enables you to access funds to use today for any purpose such as medical bills, living expenses, replacement of lost income, or something on your “bucket list.”

When you consider any option that touches your life and the lives of those you love, it’s important to have as much information as possible. Proceeds received from a Viatical Settlement may be used as desired, and are generally tax free.